To the Mighty is the Right

1st day on the job, Last day on the job

everyone dies at the end.

Our original party explored a failed agricultural world that turned into a desert world, divinators on terra divinated that an artifact of great importance could be found on this planet wich piqued the interest of the Mechanicus so they picked a promising Skitarii and a dumbass Tech Priest to retrieve it, Terra on it’s own interest forced a bodyguard selected by the inquisition and an arbiter to join the party. The party members who where direct members of the imperium where sent to the planet while the bodyguard awaited on the planet ground where he was hired and paid by an inquisitor to spy on them and report to him everything, when the ship arrived to the planet our party meeted up on an imperial church, they decided to walk to the place which they discovered would be pretty hard because it was a motherfucking desert.
the local populace was terrified of the mechanicum members of the party and one citizen shat himself. they recieved information that someone on the bar…

They lifted the box which triggered a warp storm for reasons yet to come and it rained demons, everyone on the planet died, the storm raged for 3 the end of those 3 days a space marine chapter rained hell unto the planet cleansing it of all chaos life form and searching for the bomb wich was nowhere to be found, all was dead…


artificialdawn artificialdawn

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